Lane: 1st Amendment Accountability Clause

Mark Lane “1st Amendment Accountability Clause” – Thursday November 12, 2009 Mark Lane (born February 24, 1927 in New York City) is a U.S attorney and author of many books, including the bestseller, Rush to Judgment. This book was one of two major books published in the immediate wake of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy (JFK) that questioned the conclusions of the Warren Commission. Another book by Lane, Plausible Denial, published in 1991, continued his interest in the JFK assassination. Lane was also a screenwriter for the 1973 action movie, Executive Action, starring Burt Lancaster and Robert Ryan. Lane also represented the Peoples Temple, led by controversial political figure Jim Jones, and was one of the few witnesses to survive the tragedy at Jonestown, at which over 900 United States citizens died.



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