Liberty Bells :30 PSAs – Audio

Please find below the AUDIO files for Public Service Announcement Usage.

Each is a :44 second .mp3 file and 700kb file size.
Also below is a .zip folder with all 8 PSA spots inside.

Ways to use these:

1) Email a link to this page to your local radio stations and ask to be included in non profit Public Service Announcements

2) Right click on the links below and Save File as to your local computer

3) Click on the links below and listen to them via your web browser’s embedded audio player.

CC2009 PSA #1

CC2009 PSA #2

CC2009 PSA #3

CC2009 PSA #4

CC2009 PSA #5

CC2009 PSA #6

CC2009 PSA #7

CC2009 PSA #8

Thank you Challis and the good folks of Idaho for putting these together.
Check out their page here.


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