The Prayer for Continental Congress 2009

On this day, the eleventh of November, in the year of our Lord two thousand and nine, we turn our attention to Thee and those who Minister with Thee, to Protect and Guard this Nation and the Rights of Free Men.

As we enter into these deliberations, we Humbly ask for Thy Guidance, Illumination, Protection and Peace that we may know Thy Will for our Beloved United States of America and this Continental Congress.  Give us the Strength, the Energy and the Courage to do what is Right through this Body.
At all times, Protect those who are gathered here, our loved ones and all who are standing now for the Rights of Free Men, not only in this time together, but as we move forward to Fulfill your Plan.

We ask Thee to Enfold us in that which You Know will enable us to Carry on the Sacred Trust given by our Founding Fathers, through Whom Thy Voice was heard.

We offer all we are or have or ever hope to be into this Service for our Country and Fellow Man.  Unite us as One Heart, One Mind, One Body.

We give Thee ALL Credit for All Good that may come from our humble efforts and we ask Thy Great Mercy and Forgiveness for the wrongs which have been committed against the Charters of Freedom which Thou gave to this world through the American People.

May we carry on the Torch of Liberty that all on this earth may one day know the Gifts and Blessings Thou intend for each of us.
We offer this Prayer to Thee, Our Creator and Nature’s God, with a Firm Reliance on the Protection of Divine Providence.



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