WHEREAS, from  11 November until 22 November 2009, the Continental Congress convened pursuant to the people’s formal “Petition for Redress of Grievances relating to the Federal Income Tax”, and the long train of abuses and usurpations relating to the aforementioned tax;

WHEREAS, tyranny, by means of taxation is one of the most oppressive aspects of government and must be guarded against to protect man’s unalienable rights;

WHEREAS, all government activity that provides funding for un-constitutional programs is to be considered tyrannical in nature and should be condemned by the people as a whole;

WHEREAS, after a comprehensive, exhaustive and lengthy deliberation of historical facts and law, Continental Congress 2009 finds:

a. That our servant federal government has failed to directly respond to the People’s Petition, and  in fact, has indirectly responded with threats, intimidation, and repeated harm;

b. That the 16th Amendment to the United States  Constitution definitively and conclusively failed to be properly and legally ratified, thus rendering it void;

c. That the income tax as currently applied is definitively and conclusively an unconstitutional, direct un-apportioned tax on labor, the “most sacred and inviolable” property of the Citizens of the United States;

d. That the institutionalized withholding from the paychecks and earnings of the citizens is definitively and conclusively unconstitutional.

NOW THEREFORE, We the Delegates of Continental Congress recommend the People:

1. Study and understand the research done by Bill Benson in his book, “The Law that Never Was,” and once they have a firm understanding of the argument, they are encouraged to educate their family, friends and fellow Americans about the truth behind the 16th Amendment;

2. Contact their local county government, (including the sheriff) and demand cooperation in enforcement of State and federal laws, prohibiting the illegal filing of notices of federal tax liens and the filing of a federal tax lien or levy without proper federal court orders attached; it is the duty of the sheriff to protect the citizens of the county from rogue federal agents acting under a color of law;

3. Put their banks and employers on notice that federal income tax levies should not be honored without a federal court order attached and without an affidavit from the sheriff that the levy is legal and proper;

4. Prepare to replace any sheriff or county or State government officials at the next election or sooner, through impeachment or recall, who refuse to cooperate and honor their Oath of Office to protect and defend the federal and State Constitutions and the People;

5. Be prepared to withhold their income tax from the government once the above steps of self-defense are in place.

6. Furthermore, without delay, the public is advised to contact their county sheriff,  State and federal representatives and Senators demanding the unconstitutional taxation and withholding of earnings be stopped immediately.


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