1. Retract any Fusion Center intelligence report not properly cited and sourced as well as any intelligence report known to contain plagiarized information.

2. Reject the so-called Patriot Act, and its progeny.

3. Prohibit legislation that allows for the installation of red-light cameras and other devices used to surreptitiously gather information on American citizens.  Repeal any such existing laws.

4. Repeal any legislation that requires government permission to travel, i.e., the requirement to obtain a driver’s license to travel, the requirement to register one’s vehicle, and/or the requirement to purchase motor vehicle insurance unless the vehicle is being used for commercial purposes.

5. All state governments shall cease and desist in prosecuting those men and women who are using the public right-of-way for personal, non-commercial transportation.

6. The language “for commercial purposes only” shall be added to the definitions of the terms “transportation” and “motor vehicle”, in all state laws, clearly removing the restrictions imposed on travel for personal, private purposes.

7. Repeal of all state laws that collect fingerprints, blood, DNA, or any other biometric data for minor traffic violations, infractions, or for any other instance where said data is not necessary for investigation.

8. Destroy all biometric data, whether digital or tangible, that have been collected for use with a driver’s license, or for any other purpose not related to a felony investigation.


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