Out of Control

Billion dollar bail-outs, federal spending into debt that enslaves our children, trillions spent on wars in places most Americans can’t find on a map, or tell you why we are there, the Bill of Rights—intended to protect our God-given individual rights as a free people—now ignored on a daily basis, have eroded our republic.

Every repeated and unanswered violation of our Constitution devastates our ability to honor “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”
Our government continues to expand into the one Washington, Franklin, Jefferson, Madison and Adams repeatedly warned against. After taking the very OATH to heed our Constitution, politicians from every party heed the power-addicted schemes of Washington, and instead violate our rights.

Brave Americans continue to petition our government and stand up for our unalienable rights.  The lengthy record of these unanswered grievances is firmly established.

What is the next appropriate step for a FREE People?

November 9-24, 2009, delegates representing The People of the fifty states will join together in the tradition of the Founding Fathers and their Continental Congress of 1774.
Continental Congress 2009 will convene as a national assembly of We The People and attest to the increasing abuses of our Governing Documents. Together, we will decide what peaceful, legal steps can be taken to bring about compliance with our Freedom documents.
Join the voices of millions of Freedom loving people who stand for Constitutional obedience as the safeguard of liberty so that we may  truly “live free.”


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