Sunday July 12 Agenda

State Coordinators Call – AGENDA
Sunday, July 12, 2009
From 8:30pm, for 9:00pm start time

I.  WELCOME – Reading: Benjamin Franklin

II. FOLLOW UP from Last Week
1.   Give Me Liberty website – Judith
2.   Report from Sticky Committee – Frank
3.   Letter to organizations/websites – Sandra

III. STRATEGIC FOCUS – July 12 – August 1 – Judith
1.    Raising Funds for CC2009!
    3 Levels:  400 people @ $100 per state;  20-20-100; organizations

                Letter on Resources Page at CC2009 site for individual and 20-20-100
                Letter to be posted shortly for use with organizations
2.    Getting out information/Meeting The People
CC2009 presence at events, hand-out fliers, place PSA’s, post CC2009 logo
3.    Prepare for incoming masses
4.    Showing substance: Nominating Delegates
5.    Prepare for Election Day
1.    Activate CC2009 site  —  – Todd/Mike
ACTION: Look at it.  Comments – suggestions welcome.  Send to: or
2.     PSA’s/commercials –  Bob/Judith
ACTION:  Will your local Network Affiliate(s), Radio Stations or Public TV run these PSA’s?
NEXT STEP: National to provide info sheet on how to present, what to do.
NEXT STEP: Establish mechanism to respond to requests for Video / Audio for  PSA placement in Local Markets.
3.     One Stop for SC’s/Team Members  – Judith/Todd/Mike
All Tools/Resources in one place — or go to site and click on Resource Page.
(This is a work in progress)
4.     Reaching out to Newcomers  – Judith
Goal is to have a Channel of SC’s Videos play on State and Portal Pages.
SC ACTION:  Record “Video Welcome”
NATIONAL ACTION: Send instruction sheet
NATIONAL ACTION: Assess state pages to ensure they are user friendly

5.     Delegate Nominations – Bob/Judith
SC/TEAM ACTION: Nominate BEST in your state and post;

NATIONAL ACTION: Nominations visible on state pages –   (vetting disclaimer)

SC ACTION: Read Election Handbook to prep for Sunday 7/19
(this will be sent pre-meeting on Sunday if finished by Vicki and Karen)

6.    State Committees Reminder – Judith
ACTION: Confirm formation of Committees in your state.
BEST PRACTICES/assistance available
                        1. Manage/plan weekly calls
2. Focus on nominating delegates
3. Fundraising
4. Preparing for Election Day
5. Public Affairs – keep info flowing
6. Contact Organizations

7.     Other

           Amanda – Republic Magazine

8.     Questions and Answers
9.     Next Meeting: Sunday 7/12/2009


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