As of October 19th Election Results

Below are the In-Person, Voting Results from the October 10th CC2009 Voting Centers as tabulated and posted by the Election Committee combined with the Mail In Ballots postmarked by October 10th. There were 94 Voting Centers in 21 states for this historic election that serves as an example of citizen-run and -controlled, totally transparent and understandable, and Constitutionally-correct, hand-counted paper ballot elections, using procedures that all elections should be following. This transparent, visible ballot process is outlined in the CC2009 Election Handbook, which you can access here.

The top three vote winners in each state and the Distict of Columbia will bear the responsibility of representing their own state at the Continental Congress 2009 in St. Charles, IL from November 8 – 22, 2009.  The top vote winner in each state will be the Voting Delegate for that state for any resolutions or parliamentary decisions that require a vote.

Continental Congress  Delegate Election

Final Results

The following are the Final Results for the Continental Congress 2009 Delegate Election.
All results in order of the Delegate Nominee with the highest number of votes down to the Delegate Nominee with the least number of votes. The top three vote recipients are noted in bold and are the official State Delegates and the fourth top vote recipient is an Alternate Delegate.

Some states had three or less Nominees for three Delegate positions. In these instances the voters ranked the Nominees with a value of 1 through 3, 1 being the highest ranking value. The top vote getter in states with 4 or more Nominees and highest ranked Nominee in states with 3 or less will be the official Voting Delegate for that state.

ALABAMA – Mail-in only
Tim Hobbs
Jon Barrie
Tommy Grimmer

Jim Green (tie)
Danny Garrett (tie)

ALASKA (finalized Oct 20th)
Schaffer Cox
Gene Brokaw
Kath McCubbins-Carlson

Barry Hess
Ed Vallejo
Howard Blitz
Ralph Luciani

John Jeffrey
Chuck Davison
Sylvia Boutilier
Walter Burien

ARKANSAS – Mail-in only, ranking
David Helms
Glenn Gallos
Darryl Williamson

Joseph Andrews
Tony Dolz
Dr. Orly Taitz, ESQ.

Steve Favis
Keith Broaders
Dr. Kimberley Garth-James
Nick Jesson
Michael-Paul Anthony Gionfriddo
Janette Mackinlay
Dorothy Carlson
Joe Kelley
Martin Papaleo

COLORADO –  (Verified Oct 20th)
Kevin Tebedo
Terry Dodd
Gary Coats

Jerry Patterson
Lorraine Lunnon
Dr. Eugene Schroder
Joby Weeks
Ray Hunt
Larry Wright
Kathryn Evans
Beryl-Joan Koenig
David Justice (write-in)
William Thorne
Mark Richardson (write-in)
Scott Raymond Malueg
John Nelson
Randy Yarborough (write-in)
Mike Fairbairn (write-in)
Deborah Stevenson
Bradley Waslenko
Vince Pertoso
Dan Reale (Withdrawn)

DELAWARE – (Verified Oct 20th)
Russell Murphy

Mike Adams
Bruce Ray Riggs

FLORIDA – Mail-in only
Daniel Cook
Dan Gonzales
Dan O’Brien

Obdulio Garcia
Claudia Hanson
Ron Rakovich
Dr. Adrien Krieg

GEORGIA – Mail-in only
Ronald Danforth
Todd Clark
Ernest Cunningham

Robert F. Frady, Ph.D

HAWAII – Mail-in only (Had own P.O. Box, but  ballots came to TX)
Darren Hawk
Raymond Michaels
Mark Kalili Kane

Daniel Garcia

Paul Venable
Jack Stuart
Ronald Mann

Keith Lunders
Devar Cluff
Mike Aldana
Drew Wolfe

Kurt Kallenbach
Rick Wos
Ron Teed

Robert (Bob) Pfluger
Geraldine Perry
Ralph Conner
Dale Kallenbach

INDIANA – Mail-in only, ranking
Allison Bricker
Gary Kah

– Mail-in only, ranking
James Getman (tie)
Clyde Cleveland (tie)
Mark Nelson

KANSAS – Mail-in only, ranking
Reed Simpson
Jay Atkin

Charles Zoeller
John Pence
Richard Treitz

Lisa Pence
Lynda Farley

LOUISIANA – Mail-in only, ranking
Ryan McCain

MAINE – Mail-in only, ranking
Wayne Leach
Jack McCarthy
Alan Lowberg

– Mail-in only, (revote held week of 10-26-09*)
William Newton
Michael Bertocchi
Julie Mazurkiewick
William DuSold
*No mail-in ballots from the Maryland voters in the original CC2009 Delegate Election (whose postmark deadline was October 10, 2009) were received in Austin, so a revote was conducted to determine the ranking of the four candidates.  The ballots received for the revote were counted in Austin by VoteRescue members on Friday, October 30, 2009 at the law office of David Rogers where the revote registration forms and ballots had been received. As it turned out, all of the candidates, except for William Newton, were unable to attend the full Congress due to work and other constraints, and had to withdraw. Therefore, William Newton, who received the only votes, will be the only delegate representing Maryland at the Continental Congress 2009.

– Mail-in only, ranking
Jeanne Golrick
Jonathan Ferron
Colleen Golrick

MICHIGAN – Mail-in only
Rick Butkowski
James Dowling
David Schied

Tom Meade
Rose Lear
Bill Bott
Harold Dunn
Anna Janek


Mark Johnson
Kenneth Lucier
Richard Burton

Lyle G. Daken

W. Scott Sanford, M.D.
Danny Bedwell
Bruce Lowell Olley

Denton Roberts
Billy Don Mills

MISSOURI – Mail-in only
Catherine Bleish
Ray Herron
Carl Rasnic

Ralph Saunders
Charles Heisinger
Dennis Tucker
Gregory Terry

MONTANA – Mail-in only
Rick Jore
Stan Jones
David Hart

Jerry O’Neil

NEBRASKA – Mail-in only, ranking
William Ramsey
Mitchell Wagner

NEVADA – Mail-in only, ranking
Ed Bridges
Rob Ruckman
Wilton G. Swenson, Jr.

Rik Humboldt
William Kostic
Frederick Harvey

Donald Fairchild
Bruce Graham


Charles Lukens
Peter Boyce
Robert Nyholm
Samuel B. King

Robert Leustek

Michael Lunnon
Dave Batcheller
Elisheva Levin

Raymond Powell
David Woodruff

Robert (Bob) Schulz
John Wallace
William F. Berg
Marnie Delano (Dame Truth)
James David Manning
Alan Hurley
Darlene Early
Costas Panagopoulos
Victor Rodriguez
Josue Kyle Aceves
Joe Oliva
Matt Funiciello – RESGINED

NORTH CAROLINA – Mail-in only
Jeff Lewis
Michael Adamskie
Bob Lightner

Crystal Lancaster
Don Touchton
Jim Randleman

– There were no delegate nominees.  North Dakota will not be represented at the  Continental Congress.

Jim Davis
Ron Dickerhoof
Trisha Connell

Steve McMaster
David Macko

OKLAHOMA – Mail-in only
Bill Hodges
Jai Blevins
RJ Harris

George Wallace (WITHDRAWN)

Vicki Fleshman
Larry Graves
Margarete W. Murphy

Jim Needham
Sandra Schmitz

Floyd Houdeshell, Jr. (tie)
William Taylor Reil (tie)
Hagan Smith
Lisa Armellino

Paul Rohricht
Robert Pepe
Russ Diamond
Veronica Hannevig
James D. Schnelle
Pat Nocera
Thomas Panik

RHODE ISLAND – Mail-in only, ranking
Monique LeMaire
Jeremy Doucet

SOUTH CAROLINA – Mail-in only, ranking
Ted Adams
Brian Frank
Karen Ruff

SOUTH DAKOTA – Mail in only, ranking
D. Scott Bartlett
Justin David (“J.D.”) Shultis

P.K. Lowrey
Tona Monroe
David Riden
Ernie Brewster

Michael Badnarik
John Bush
Ron Avery
Jon Roland

Michael Barre
Matt Sistrunk
Charles Lingerfelt
Robert DeBeaux
Mike Mills
Kenneth Parsons
Brad McCally
Mark Boyett
Bemus Glenn Jackson
Cecil Ince

UTAH – Mail-in only
Mark Andrew Beach
Gary Alder
Scott Bradley

VERMONT – Mail In Only Ranking
Stewart Skrill
Michael Cushing
Larkin Forney

VIRGINIA – Mail-in only
Tom DeWeese
Patrick Debrow  – RESIGNED
Marc Morano – – RESIGNED
Dean Smiley
David Briggman
James Taylor
Dr. James W. Lark, III
Donald Fairchild
John Devine

David Hedrick
Darin Stevens
Jeff Williams
Stephen Pidgeon

Daniel Johnson

WASH., D.C. – No votes were cast.  Washington D.C. will not be represented at the  Continental Congress.

WEST VIRGINIA – Mail-In only
Kevin Patrick

Richard Church
Rudy Eckert
Brent Arnold
Charles Bartelt

WYOMING – Mail-in only
Catherine Vandemoer

Larry Graves                    17

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