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INSTRUCTIONS to ALL VOTERS ELECTION DAY is Saturday, October 10, 2009 10am – 4 pm (in your time zone) WELCOME to all who wish to vote in the CC2009 Delegate Election!  To be eligible to vote in the CC2009 Election, you must affirm, under penalty of perjury, on your Registration Form that you: • are 18 years of age or older on October 10, 2009 • are a citizen of the United States of America • currently reside in one of the 50 states or the District of Columbia • support The Declaration of Independence, The U.S. Constitution, and the purpose of the Continental Congress 2009 which is: To end and reverse the violations to The Constitution of The United States of America and to restore constitutional governance.  • are casting ONLY ONE ballot in the CC2009 election • have not altered the official State Ballot except to mark it as instructed There are FOUR Voting Options:  Option A: In-Person Voting at a CC2009 Voting Center on Oct. 10, 2009 Option B: Mail-In Voting  (Ballot & Registration postmarked by Oct. 10, 2009) Option C: Out-of-Country Military or Homebound Voting  Option D: Disabled Voting  FIRST, before selecting your Voting Option, check here to find out which option of voting is being offered in your state (or in the District of Columbia).  Some states have no Voting Centers and are offering Mail-In Voting only. Some states have Voting Centers and are also offering Mail-In Voting. So, first find out what has been set up in your state. Then, select the Voting Option that best serves you.SECOND, Ballots will be counted and Election Results posted for each state as per the following schedule: • On October 10, 2009: Ballots cast In-Person at Voting Centers will be publicly counted and the totals will be sent to the national election leaders in Austin, TX to be included in the totals from the Mail-In ballots. • On October 17, 2009: Mail-in Ballots will be retrieved from the various CC2009 post office boxes in the various states and in Austin, TX and will be publicly counted at all designated CC2009 Counting Centers. Mail-In Ballot totals will be publicly posted at each Counting Center and on the CC2009 website.  Also posted on the CC2009 website will be the FINAL CC2009 Delegate Election Results that combine the Voting Center totals and the Mail-In Ballot totals.  

Voting Centers 8.23.09

CC2009 Delegate Election Voting Center Locations by City or Town Reported as of 8/23/09 (Exact Venues to Follow When Confirmed) 1.  COLORADO: David Justice (SC) 7 Voting Center Locations confirmed, targeting 6 more Castle Rock Colorado Springs Delta Denver Grand Junction Gunnison Montrose 2.   CONNECTICUT: Estelle Stevenson (SC) 1 Voting...

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Mail In Ballot Option

2009 Continental Congress Delegate Election Downloadable Affidavit/Mail-in Option In states where insufficient volunteers are available to plan and execute Voting Centers for in-person, hand-counted paper ballot voting on CC2009 Election Day, October 10th, the following protocol is suggested for downloadable registration forms and ballots, to be mailed in to...

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Seated CC2009 Delegates

Click the State Name to Access the Delegate Profile & Contact Info Tim Hobbs Alabama RESIGNED Schaeffer Cox Alaska Gene Brokaw Alaska Kath McCubbins-Carlson Alaska Edward Vallejo Arizona Howard Blitz Arizona Sylvia Boutilier Arizona David Helms Arkansas Joseph Andrews California Tony Dolz California Orly Taitz California Kevin Tebedo Colorado...

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