Wherefore, We, as a Body of Delegates constituting the Continental Congress 2009, hereby instruct our elected representatives to:

1. Cease unconstitutional spending; cease irresponsible spending;

2. Limit the spending to those items as enumerated in Article I, Section 8 or as otherwise specifically authorized by the Constitution;

3. Order the Federal Reserve to re-acquire all of its assets from all foreign banks including the IMF;

4. Order the Federal Reserve to transfer all said assets to the Treasury of the United States;

5. Hold the majority of its reserves in gold, silver or other metal classified as precious in a secure location within the borders of the contiguous forty-eight United States;

6. Repeal and Rescind legal tender laws and not interfere in any way with any private medium of exchange, private script or currency that may emerge;

7. Repudiate any and all public debt that has been unconstitutionally acquired;

8. Preclude the confiscation of any private ownership of gold or silver or any other precious metal (analogous to the confiscation of gold and silver by President Roosevelt, 1933);

9. Preclude the confiscation or prohibition of any private medium of exchange, private script or currency that may emerge;

10. Preclude the adoption of any laws, orders, or directives prohibiting the use of or any private medium of exchange, private script or currency that may emerge;

11. Unmask the deceptive practice of placing some authorizations /appropriations in a hidden off record account and direct specific accountability for all expenditure;

12. Tighter auditing of expenditures to preclude the unaccountable loss of untold billions of dollars;

13. Implement the immediate investigation of the loss of any funds and to begin the immediate prosecution of all persons suspected of involvement or association with the loss;

14. Repeal the Federal Reserve Act and all laws pertaining thereto; and

15. Do not enforce federal income tax withholding laws; rather, adopt legislation requiring that individuals provide any taxes due directly to the federal government.

Further, it is the consensus of the Delegates to Continental Congress 2009, that members of Congress have the inherent and moral responsibility to abide by its tenets, as attested to by their having signed the Oath or Affirmation of Office as required by the U.S. Constitution Art. II Sec. I, and Art. XVI.

“Oaths in this country are as yet universally considered as sacred obligation, that which you have taken and so solemnly repeated on that venerable spot, is an ample pledge of your sincerity and devotion to your country and its government.” John Adams

In 1969, the Congress-approved national debt was 286 billion dollars.  As a result of congressional irresponsibility, that debt has grown to over $12,100,000,000,000 (trillion), which means that every child born in this nation is instantly shackled with a debt of more than $39,000.00. This means that most families have an annual debt that far exceeds their income. (See chart below) Moreover, various authorities have suggested that the true “public debt” is over $106 trillion dollars. This larger amount represents the inclusion of unfunded liabilities, such as Social Security, prescription drugs, Medicare, off-records appropriations, and unconstitutional spending, etc.

Personal National Debt





Personal Debt


24 Trillion*

342 Million



12.1 Trillion

303 Million



.5 Trillion

281 Million



908 Billion

226 Million



286 Billion

179 Million



* This number was based on the best estimate available


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