The Delegates to Continental Congress hereby express our deepest concerns relative to the uncontrolled and unconstitutional spending of Congress and issue the following urgent notice to all American Citizens:

Our government has plunged us into debt through excessive and senseless spending.  Repayment of the portion of this debt, that cannot be liquidated by sale or seizure of public property, or by other means, indicates that it will fall upon us in the form of taxes (including the hidden tax of inflation).  In one way, or another, the wealth that is taxed is created by the labor of the people.

Therefore, we recommend to the people the following to begin the correction of our economy:
1.   If your State has engaged in irresponsible spending resulting in a large public debt, we recommend that citizens instruct their government to cease those practices;

2.   Increase our power to produce by increasing our education level; keep our eyes open for changing dynamics and look for new opportunities; learn and develop new crafts/skills; and learn how to create more value for more people;

3.   Learn how to be self-reliant rather than government-dependent. Any benefit that the     government provides to one individual must be taken from others;

4.   Increase your savings by selling fiat currency and buying hard assets; eliminate all forms of personal debt.

5.   Introduce the principles of barter and alternative media of exchange and educate your local     community;

6.   Businesses are encouraged to begin accepting gold or silver as a viable payment for commodity and service exchanges;

7.   Work with local businesses to implement an alternative local bartering system or establish a local private medium of exchange;

8.   Only vote for candidates for office who are true Constitutionalists and who are committed to reducing government spending and borrowing;

9.   Encourage elected State officials to return to the gold and silver standard; pass “sound/honest” money legislation to provide a competing currency to the existing fiat currency;

10. Share the information contained in the Continental Congress 2009 documents with your State legislators, county and local officials, and the media.


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