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TOWN, STATE, DATE X, XXXX – Citizens in every state who are fed up with constitutional violations causing devastation to the economy, the family and the Nation, are stepping up to join  Constitutional activist Robert L. Schulz, Chairman of We The People Foundation for Constitutional Education, Inc, to prepare for a modern-day Continental Congress, scheduled to take place from November 8-22, 2009 at the Pheasant Run Conference Center in St. Charles, Illinois.                                     

Schulz believes Continental Congress 2009 is the “next appropriate step for the free people of America,” and hopes to inspire the critical mass necessary to restore constitutional governance.  The Plan calls for three citizen-delegates from each state to come together to establish a formal historical record that documents, before a worldwide internet audience, the record of vast constitutional violations which have taken place over many years, crossing all branches of government and both political parties with devastating effects. Delegates will debate, prioritize and collaborate on real-world strategies and civic actions that seek to end and reverse these effects. Continental Congress 2009 is not political or partisan and is specifically to defend, not amend, the current Constitution.  

The process of nominating citizens to be delegates in each state is already underway via the event website at www.cc2009.us .  “Please step up and nominate someone you feel will make a good delegate for your state,” says Schulz.  “Nominees should represent the best among us – those who have a proven passion for the Constitution — perhaps you know a great patriot who is a neighbor, a family member, or associate.  Here is the opportunity of a lifetime to step up at this crucial time in our history and speak out as the Founding Fathers did,” he concludes.  Delegates will need to pay their way to and from Illinois, but will have room and board covered by funds being raised now to cover costs.

October 10, 2009 has been identified as CC2009 Delegate Election Day, with polling places being identified across America. The election will be constitutionally valid using visible and transparent vote counting; an effort planners hope will eliminate many of the constitutionally invalid general electoral procedures currently in use.  Where polling places are not available, a mail-in ballot process will be available.

To help finance the historic event, volunteers in every state are planning visits to local merchants as part of a “Walk Down Main Street” campaign. A special .999 pure silver CC2009 commemorative round, valued by many because of silver’s past use as the basis of our monetary system, will be given for each donation of $100.00 or more. The organization is also kicking off a “We are ALL in this together: Your $1.00 donation makes a difference.”

The decision to organize Continental Congress 2009 comes after more than fourteen years of Petitioning the Government for Redress of repeated violations of the Constitution by We The People Foundation.  Schulz says this power was left to The People for their use and was built into the First Amendment by the Founding Fathers who did not want American citizens to ever again experience a situation where their inalienable rights or civil liberties were threatened.  While the Capstone Right contained in the last ten words of the Amendment has never been defined in any court of law, Schulz says it must now be used to hold elected officials accountable to the rest of the Constitution and to shift the power from the government back to The People where it belongs.

“Americans are waking up to the urgent need to stand strong for our Constitution now, as every violation devastates our economy and our way of life further,” says Schulz.  “Continental Congress 2009 is the only plan we see that is not political or partisan, does not rely on the electoral process, and can bring peaceful and legal solutions to our current situation,” he continues.  “America is the last bastion of freedom on the Earth.  The Constitution is not going to defend itself and we owe it to the Founding Fathers and all the generations to come to stand up now and give all we are to ensure our Republic is not lost,” he concluded

Given the current crisis of national affairs, Schulz hopes that thousands of educational and civic-minded organizations will come together, giving CC2009 the critical mass it requires to be heard by elected officials.  “We believe Continental Congress 2009 holds within it the promise to become the catalyst that may finally bring all the People together, so our unified voice and commitment of purpose will be heard at this defining moment in our nation’s history,” he concludes.

Volunteers are needed in every state.  Persons who want to learn more can visit www.cc2009.us or www.givemeliberty.org. and click on their state page.


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