CC2009 Operating Budget Revised to $650K


CC2009 Operating Budget Revised to $650K

Dates & National Ad Budget Reduced

Includes $250,000 already expended
Includes $155,000 for Bare Bones Event
Another $245,000 Ensures First-Class, Live Webcast, Newsroom and Targeted Marketing

Americans who love their country and who have been aware of the grassroots call for a Continental Congress have elected Delegates to Continental Congress from nearly every State in the Union. Robust debate and inspiring advice has ensued at a frenzied pace amidst the Delegates. The Vision for CC2009 is being shaped by passionate patriots from Maine to Hawaii.

Budgeting, financing and contractual matters are now pre-occupying the management staff. Wealthy and not-so-wealthy are coming forward but we remain well short of initial fundraising objectives. Adjustments are underway. The over-all revised maximum budget for CC 2009 has been lowered from $2M to $650,000, which includes approximately $250,000 already expended.

The new $650,000 budget assumes both cost cutting and additional fund raising in the amount of $400,000. The $400,000 includes $155,000 for a “bare bones” program.

Cost Cutting

Thanks to the overwhelming support and flexibility of the Pheasant Run staff and ownership, Continental Congress can convene November 11 through November 22, a reduction of three days and associated expenses, but without a “reduction fee.”  Our contract with Pheasant Run, to lodge and feed at least 150 individuals for twelve days and eleven nights, amounts to $221,805. We have made down payments totaling $98,400. With what we have in the bank (including a single $56,400 contribution received last week) and steps being taken for single/double/ triple occupancy reservations by delegates and non-delegates, we expect to meet CC2009’s minimal contractual requirements.

We have reluctantly (temporarily) dropped the plan for purchasing $1 million of advertising space in America’s dominant broadcast and print media — an expense to inform the uninitiated about CC 2009 in the absence of the dominant media’s coverage of the event as a news item. This means our primary form of communications will rely on the Internet: live streaming, You-tube, Ning and other social networking sites, e-mail, etc.


For an additional $245,000 beyond the $155,000 bare-bones program, the Congress would be able to:

* Ensure an adequate, live, worldwide webcast of the proceedings and staffing for an on-site news room for interviews, daily update reports and blogcasting. Click here for a diagram of the equipment layout for a first-class (“when we have the funds”) communication system that goes above and beyond the “bare- bones” communications system.

* Place a moderate advertising buy with some of the highest trafficked Liberty websites

* Place a small nationwide cable and satellite media buy on news shows and targeted cable shows

Miscellaneous Notes

Many Delegates have come forward to fund their own lodging and meals expenses. The totality of that support is not yet reflected in these levels of giving but will be soon.

Including recent donations and deposit commitments for the facilities, approximately $250,000 has been expended since last December when, from the stage at Faneuil Hall in Boston, we first suggested CC 2009 as the appropriate next step and then proceeded on the national tour, web site overhauls, video productions, state level organizing and communications, venue inspections and negotiations, and speaking engagements.

Please see the revised chart of Expense Allocations here and please consider working with others in your state to help offset the costs of the delegation from your state:

* Meeting Space, Lodging, Lunch and Dinner Per Day for 150 Delegates
* Single Occupancy All Meals Paid = $1478.70

* Double Occupancy All Meals Paid = $1051.35

This is equal to $3000 – $4500 per state for 3 Delegates.


To fund the Revised Webcast, Newsroom and Marketing Budget: add an additional $5000 per state.

Do you know 80 to 100 people who can contribute $100 for your state?
Or maybe you can reach enough people in your state to ensure that 150 to 200 donate $50 each?

This is the moment of truth, everyone.

We have come this far and for a seemingly modest effort can achieve so much for the American People’s momentum to restore Freedom and Liberty for All.

Please go to and contribute $50 to $100 today!

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