CC2009 Location: Pheasant Run – St. Charles, IL






On Monday August 10, 2009 the location and dates for Continental Congress 2009 were confirmed with the signing of the contract for accommodations, meals and meeting spaces for November 8 – 22, 2009 at Pheasant Run Spa & Resort Conference Center in St. Charles, IL.

“It is such an honor that Pheasant Run has been selected to host the Continental Congress ‘09 Worldwide Broadcast this upcoming November. We feel our exceptional combination of being centrally located in the charming Chicago suburb of St. Charles, Illinois together with our award-winning conference and meeting space will be a valuable asset in making the 2009 Continental Congress a success.” — Diane Rosenthal, General Manager of Pheasant Run Resort

(l to r) Gene Hare – Director of Sales, Diane Rosenthal – General Manager, Marty Durkin – Sales Manager, Bob Schulz, Chair WTP

The meeting space includes a 320 seat, hi-tech amphitheater where the CC 2009 delegates will gather for presentations by renowned experts on the history, meaning, effect and significance of specific provisions of the Constitution and factual accounts of existing violations of those provisions.

The CC2009 meeting space also includes a large meeting hall where the delegates will meet for their deliberations, discussions, debates and decisions regarding their recommendations for the free people of America.  Finally, a 3,500 seat arena is available for the closing ceremony.

Access to the worldwide web will include 2 MBS upload capability for our live Internet broadcast of the entire CC2009 proceedings. To further insure against disruptions to either the proceedings or the live webcast, Pheasant Run is equipped with 100% backup emergency generators, providing uninterruptible electric power.  

Superb sleeping rooms will be provided for the CC 2009 delegates, staff, and “faculty” (constitutional scholars/presenters). Additional rooms are being made available for members of the public, state legislators and media outlets who would be interested in attending CC 2009, not as participants, but as observers to the historic event.


(It won’t look like this in November in Chicago land that is for sure!) 



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