Sunday September 20 Agenda

8:45 p.m EST – Call Opens / Tech Check
9:00 p.m. EST – Official Call / Agenda Begins

Webinar Registration Link
United States: 916-233-3088

Access Code: 171-928-365
Audio PIN: Shown after joining the Webinar

Webinar ID: 278-497-083


Constitution Day Money Bomb – results, tweeks

-Walk Down Main Street Kick-off

-States Step Up

-Election Process is Finalized

-LIBERTY Shorts – CBS – Letterman and Ferguson!

-Campaign for Liberty NE – report from Frank

-Letters to each of 212 NYS State Legislators

-Appeal sent to  “Brave and Wealthy” individuals

SOLIDARITY theme pin

-Under construction: each state page will soon have a link to a new CC 2009 ELECTION PAGE that will provide the name and address of each Voting Center in each step and step- by- step instructions for Plan A voters (those voting at Voting Centers) and Plan B voters (those voting by mail). ALL mail-in ballots to be sent to one central P.O. Box in Austin, TX (except states that have already set their own P.O. box/process in motion).  Vote Rescue and Coalition for Visible Ballots to oversee counting in Austin. Instructions will include Ballot and notarized registration form for people to mail.







Letters to State Legislatures  — Available Here

-Download. Print. Call the mailrooms for the State Assembly and State Senate.

-Deliver in person or post.

-Confirm this is done with email to and CC when complete.

Election Procedures and Deadlines

-Deadline for nominees is September 23rd at midnight. Beat the Bushes! Nominate here.

-Contact all nominees — make sure they are STANDING FOR ELECTION

-Give us the name and address of each Voting Center APPROVED THUS FAR by entering the data on this new Voting Center Spreadsheet and also send the information to Mike Bodine at tomorrow, September 21st.

-Give us the name and address of each additional Voting Center APPROVED BETWEEN NOW AND SEPTEMBER 30 by entering the data on the Voting Center Spreadsheet and also send the information to Mike Bodine at Send the data AS EACH ADDITIONAL VOTING CENTER IS APPROVED. Don’t wait until September 30 to send it all.
New Election Instruction Sheet available.



-Use the Talking Points, introduce delegates — Election Day coming!

-Send Hometown release to press — personalize with names of delegates and polling places.



-Walk Down Main Street: distribute posters, leave donation info, etc.

-Money “Carpetbomb” campaign

-Send additional Brave & Wealthy Contact info to

We still need volunteers in a number of areas. Please contact if you are interested.

Please send any comments, questions, suggestions, etc. to


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