We the People, find that the three branches of our government have violated the above provisions of the Constitution and therefore provide the following instructions:

1. Reintroduce and pass the “Property Rights Protection Act (S1313). This legislation, passed in the House of Representatives in 2005, was introduced to overturn the Supreme Court’s Kelo decision. The legislation specifically called for cutting off federal funds to any community that uses Eminent Domain for community development of private property.  It was blocked in committee in the Senate. Passing this legislation is vital to correcting the destruction to American property rights caused by the Kelo Decision.

2. Repeal all legislation related to terms such as, “sustainable development”, “social justice”,  “global community”, or otherwise focused on land use, education, or population control/reduction;

3. Strengthen the Fifth Amendment by law (not a Constitutional Amendment) by requiring government at all levels to pay just compensation for regulatory takings;

4. Repeal and provide no funds to any agency working toward a “North American Union”, regional, or global governance of any kind;

5. Repeal all laws restricting the People’s Right to private property – its acquisition, its use, and its disposal;

6. Defund and repeal all Environmental Protection Agency legislation related to the United Nations movement to collectivize all property;

7. Reject or repeal all legislation related to public/private partnerships that relate to controlling population or setting new public policy aimed at making communal the property of the People;

8. Independently evaluate any determinations by the United Nations or any non-governmental international organizations that are supportive of their promotion of top down governance of society;

9. Reject or repeal any laws/legislation that does not conform to the requirements of the 10th Amendment;

10. Refuse to enter into the Copenhagen Treaty;

11. Refuse to provide any funds to Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs);

12. Discontinue any association or funding of any activities related to the Security and Prosperity Partnership (North American Leaders Summit);

13. Repeal all laws that take property from sovereign individuals merely “accused” or “suspected” of a crime;

14. Rewrite environmental laws to protect private property rights limited only by historic harm and nuisance provisions of common law, and mandate that federal lands meet their own standards;

15. Repeal all laws/regulations and funding related to National Heritage Areas;

16. Prevent Eminent Domain from being exercised to convert private property from one owner to another private owner for public advantage; Eminent domain is only to be used to convert private property to public “use” for at least 20 years;

17. Repeal all laws granting the Army Corps of Engineers control over land or water rights of private property owners;

18. Repeal all laws, regulations, and/or directives of any kind that regulate, control, or establish a national policy for the generation and distribution of energy; and

19. Let the free market determine how energy is generated and distributed.


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