1. Encourage self-education of property rights protected by the Constitution;

2. Get involved concerning the benefits of free market solutions to the generation and distribution of all sources of energy;

3. Establish a petition drive throughout the state indicating that energy generation and distribution must be free from all government control;

4. Develop initiatives to place on the ballot that indicate your individual right to a free market in energy generation and distribution;

5. Contact your state senator, representative, and the Governor and demand that they pass legislation that ends the federal government regulation of energy generation and distribution within the state;

6. Educate yourself about the truth behind climate change and the reality that global warming is not caused by man through carbon emissions;

7. Go to city council meetings to listen and participate in discussions;

8. Inquire through your council members during a meeting, or by setting up a personal meeting, to determine the role of the International Council on Local Environmental Initiatives (ICLEI) in driving policy at the local level;

9. Build coalitions of like-minded groups in order to build opposition to the implementation of “Agenda 21” (“sustainable development”) at the local level;

10. Demand that your local government respect your right to a “republican form of government” as enumerated in the United States Constitution and the various state Constitutions by ceasing the use of the “consensus process” and predetermined outcomes and “comprehensive planning” in order to dictate policy and implement anything that interferes with private property ownership;

11. Reject the local reception of federal, non-governmental organizations (NGO), or foundations, grants and/or funding to the extent that they further the implementation of Agenda 21;

12. Actively oppose local government participation with federal programs or agencies that seek to further the implementation of Agenda 21 (“sustainable development”);

13. Actively oppose the creation of “public/private partnerships” (PPPs) between local government and private industry;

14. Educate yourself concerning methods to combat the “consensus process”, which seeks to manipulate the public into pre-determined outcomes;

15. Address, petition, and support all states to reassert and reaffirm the 10th Amendment by passing legislation exerting 10th Amendment powers for land use management;

16. Encourage, petition, and support county officials to notify all government agencies – state and federal – to comply with the 10th Amendment and other Constitutional provisions;

17. Counsel and lobby Congress to return ownership of public lands, parks, preserves, recreation areas, and areas designated to the states in whose boundaries the land lies.


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