Whereas federal violations of the General Welfare Clause cannot be truly reversed without a voluntary resumption of personal responsibility, we urge our fellow citizens to join us in promoting the true “general welfare” of the United States through the following citizen actions. We call upon the People to:

1. Break the chains of government dependence by refusing to participate in any unconstitutional government welfare program, whether individual or corporate, including but not limited to: Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, grants, subsidies, or any other form of federal welfare;

2. Make informed choices regarding health insurance, vaccinations, mental health screenings, dietary supplements, medications and other health decisions based on personal choice, and not merely in obedience to intrusive and offensive federal laws, with a willingness to disobey such laws when conscience or reason dictate;

3. Seek out information about companies that use federal and state governments as their agents to rob us of our wealth and enrich themselves through bailouts, grants, subsidies and other corporate welfare, and to communicate to them our refusal to do business with them while they persist in their thievery;

4. Refuse support to churches, religious organizations and charities that denigrate our Constitution by availing themselves of unconstitutional government programs rather than voluntary charity; and instead to vigorously and generously support churches and religious organizations that boldly stand for the Principles of Liberty enshrined in our Constitution; and, additionally, to rebuild strong community structures on the basis of voluntary association rather than government coercion.

5. Refuse to give the federal government absolute control over our children’s education while compelling us to pay for it; and to practice our parental rights by providing our children education at home or through private institutions, thereby protecting them from harmful, dishonest, and subversive government indoctrination.

6. To live our lives as free individuals, not ceding any authority to the federal government which we have not expressly granted to it in our Constitution; and to disobey, when appropriate, any unconstitutional laws; and use every means at our disposal to challenge usurpations through the courts, political action, and any other means deemed necessary.


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