Give Me Liberty Money Bomb Pledge

Sept 13, 2009- The Give Me Liberty Money Bomb Pledge campaign is now launched. The first Money Bomb day is September 17th and we do know that is a short time span to spread the word. We’ve set out a moderate level to achieve of $250,000 of giving on Constitution Day. That’s 12,500 people giving $20 on Constitution Day. It is up to all of us to spread this word far and wide to “Give to Continental Congress 2009 on Thursday Sept 17th – Constitution Day!”

The Donation Milestones that need to be hit in order for the Continental Congress 2009 to be a widespread success are:
September 17th – $250,000
September 30th – $500,000
October 15th 0 $1,000,000
and by November 5th – (the Original Money Bomb Day!) – $2,000,000

Please consider Pledging to Donate by submitting your email to the form above.
You will get a notice on September 17th that the Donation Button will be live.
Please consider giving as much as you are able, once for each one of these milestones.
The CC2009 will not need all $2M at one time, but cash flow is serious matter, and subsequently we recognize that within your family budget, and hope you are able to plan for giving something at each one of these milestones.

Thank you for helping to Defend Your Constitution!

Get Involved, Get to Know Your State Delegate Nominees.
Vote on Oct 10th.

And spread the word about this Money Bomb to all your friends….


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