Wednesday September 09 Agenda

Sunday Night Registration Link

United States: 916-233-3088
Access Code: 171-928-365;
Audio PIN: Shown after joining the Webinar
Webinar ID: 278-497-083



  1. Pheasant Run
  2. Constitutional Divide
  3. Marble Falls – Tea Party Speech
  4. YouTube Channel
  5. CBS National – PSA’s
  6. 9-12
  7. C4L – Valley Forge
  8. Glens Falls Chronicle – Walk Down Main Street
  9. Hometown Newspaper Release
  10. ‘Brave and Wealthy’ Fund-raising Campaign
  11. Money Bomb- Constitution Day
  12. CC2009: Letter to State Legislators
  13. CC2009: Schedule of Events
  14. CC2009: Faculty


Action Items

1.  Nominations – Up to states to continue nominations; get the word out about delegates;

2.  Voting Centers – please send updates to Vickie Karp .

3.  Delegate Election: Plan A Election Handbook & B – Mail In Ballot

4.  Fund-raising – Walk Down Main Street






      1. Letter to Editor – have you sent yours? Send this letter to the editor of your local newspaper;

      2. Place those PSA’svideo and audio; Call your local T.V. station or top radio stations. Ask to speak to the Director of Public Service Announcements (PSA’s). Introduce yourself and say you will be sending an email with a link to a series of 8 thirty-second PSA’s for consideration by the Station. Obtain the person’s contact information.
        NEW: Request Form for PSA Video Format Not Available on the site. (e.g. BetaSP, DVD)

      3. Circulate Freedom 21 speech PDF format or Web Page



We still need volunteers in a number of areas.  Please contact if you are interested.

Question you hope one of us can answer?  Send to 

IT Website Volunteers Needed

Thank you Ryan McCain for volunteering and joining the IT team.

If you have following skill sets or experience and are on this call and have time to assist please email the Ning site Admin email address that you are interested in volunteering to help with IT and web development.

.NET & .aspx programming
Foxpro Database mgmt
Flash work
Joomla CMS
Customizing CSS Video Pages
YouTube Video Pages Broadcasting site


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