Sunday Augst 2 Agenda

Sunday August 2 Agenda

Call opens at 8:45 PM Eastern Time for 9:00 PM Official Start Time

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SPECIAL CLOSING CEREMONY FOR CONTINENTAL CONGRESS 2009?   Continental Congress 2009 is now scheduled to end within days of when millions of Americans bow their heads and give thanks to their Creator for food, family and friends.

Question.  Should CC 2009 end with a closing ceremony in an indoor arena with 6,000 Patriots giving thanks for Life and Liberty, with Freedom Fighters and Constitutional Scholars, Authors, Activists, Singers and Musicians as their leading Thanks Givers?

In other words, shall the free and the brave give America a Thanksgiving message She is most in need of and might ponder for years to come?

The folks who are facilitating a Continental Congress Of, By and For the People believe the answer is “yes,” and are now working toward that end.  They are working feverishly to work out the details and reduce the overall plan to acceptable contract language this week.

Once the contracts are signed we will host a News Conference and line up meetings with the local Chamber of Commerce, editorial staff of the media within the host city.  We will be issuing a News Release after the Announcement for national, state and local distribution.  Stay tuned for more details later this week.


After reviewing the eight 30-second “Liberty Shorts” we provided on a DVD, a leading national TV broadcaster has requested broadcast ready materials in order to air them as PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENTS. 


On August 12, 2009, Bob Schulz will be on Judge Napolitano’s FOX program called FREEDOM WATCH. Many thanks to all who wrote to FOX to encourage Bob’s appearance.


On August 14, 2009, Bob Schulz will give the keynote address at the Friday evening banquet at the 10th Annual Freedom 21 Conference in Oklahoma City. Get all the details of the Conference and register to attend here.


In two significant ways, the Pennsylvania State Coordinator, FRANK SZABO, has been successful in reaching out to spread the word about CC2009.

First, Frank has been successful in getting the State Library Board to agree to have a PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT about CC2009 posted on the bulletin board at each and every library in Pennsylvania. 

Second, Frank has gotten the head of the association that runs the gun shows in Pennsylvania to agree that everyone who buys a ticket to attend one of the dozens of gun shows in PA will be given one of our CC 2009 Slim Jims along with their ticket. Frank has taken the original Slim Jim and added color and is having 10,000 individual color Slim Jims printed on cover stock for a total of $388.00!

Colorado’s JAMES MADISON has made two significant contributions. First, he prepared and is distributing thousands of copies of this new CC 2009 tri-fold, adding to the portfolio of eye-catching educational specimens that are finding their way into the hands of tens of thousands of Americans. Second, he has set up an 800 number for anyone to call to listen to a 4 min, 39 sec recorded message about CC 2009: 1-877-225-6059, ext. 9.

California’s KEITH BROADERS reminds us that on September 17th all of the schools in America are supposed to participate in “Constitution Day”. The students are to receive instruction and each school is expected to commemorate the ratification of the Constitution. Keith says in his county of San Bernardino there are 150,000 students in grades 7-12. Keith is in the process of calling each school district and asking them if they would like distribute FREE Pocket Sized Constitutions to each of their middle school and high school students. He is asking local merchants to underwrite this cost, requesting a donation of $.25 for each Constitution they personally sponsor. Merchants can purchase as many Constitutions as they wish. Each Constitution Booklet will identify the sponsoring merchant and have the website address for the “We the People Foundation for Constitutional Education.”  





1.    ONCE AGAIN, NOMINATE SUITABLE DELEGATES – A HIGH PRIOITY: Please, everyone, take the time necessary to obtain contact information for the State leaders of all known constitution-based organizations in your state and go ahead and enter them as nominees for the position of CC 2009 Delegate from your state. You can do this here. We’ve also added the Nominate a Delegate web button to the web pages.

Below is a list of such organizations. This list is BY NO MEANS COMPLETE. Each state has dozens of other local and regional liberty and freedom based organizations. Search for and locate their leaders. Give them the recognition they deserve. Sign them up, ASAP. Do the right thing- you never know what will happen.

Freedom Force International
Cameras In The Courtroom
Campaign for Liberty
Committees of Safety
Constitution Party
Gun Owners of America
Freedom 21
Fully Informed Jury Association (FIJA)
Judicial Accountability In Law
Jews for The Preservation of Firearms
John Birch Society
Judicial Watch
Libertarian Party
Liberty Restoration Project
Local or Regional Liberty Groups and Meetups
Minute Men
National Home Education Legal Defense
National Rifle Association
Restore The Republic
Truth Attack
Veterans Organizations: American Legion, IVAW, VFW, etc.
Young Americans for Liberty

2.    ONCE AGAIN, IDENTIFY VOTING CENTERS — A HIGH PRIORITY.  We are now nine weeks away from Election Day!  We need to establish a nationwide network of Voting Centers and time to publicize the list, ASAP. Please, everyone, we need you to act NOW. Don’t hesitate because you don’t know if another patriot is lining up a Voting Center in a town, city or county near you. Far better we have too many Voting Centers than too few to work with. Obtain written permission from the owner of the facility where you vote in general elections to use that facility on October 10th for the election of delegates to CC 2009, using this form letter.

Don’t forget to assemble a 7-member Election Teams (plus 2 substitutes if possible) for each voting center using this Volunteer Pledge Form and this Volunteer Contact Information Form.

3.    ONCE AGAIN, REACH OUT & INFORM PEOPLE — A HIGH PRIORITY. We need everyone to do everything in their power to bring CC2009 to the attention of as many other people in their state as possible. Please share the following educational items, links and resources with 10 friends and ask them to do the same!

First, the CIVIC DUTY SLIDE SHOW that is phenomenally easy to watch, read and understand. Check it out here at the Scribd website. We have it embedded in a player at the front page of the CC2009 web page, but if you go here, you can pick up the embed code yourself or use Scribd’s own viral marketing links to Facebook, Digg and more. Please, everyone, forward this link, now:

Second, distribute this CRITICAL READING MATERIAL
First Continental Congress – 1774.

Why CC2009? Benefits & Advantages for America

Third, download, print & distribute  TRI-FOLDS, FLYERS & SLIM JIMS.

Find your favorite format and design here:

(Please note that the term “Slim Jim” means that it is an approx 4″ x 9″ handbill and ther reason there are 3 copies of each on a single 8.5″ x 11″ page is you can make two cuts per page and have 3 Slim Jims to hand out per page.)

Fifth, the LETTER TO THE EDITOR to your local newspaper(s) and media. Everyone is asked to send this short letter, using this database of print and broadcast media outlets.

Sixth, the PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENTS. Everyone is asked to immediately call their local T.V. stations. Ask to speak to the Director of Public Service Announcements (PSA’s). Introduce yourself and say you will be sending an email with a link to a series of 8 thirty-second PSA’s for consideration by the Station. Obtain the person’s contact information. You can use this media database to source the contact info for your broadcast and public television stations in your area.

Seventh, the CC2009 LOGO AND WEB BANNERS. These are ready to go. Please visit this page of logos/banners and help the CC2009 brand go viral by sharing this link and getting these web banners posted wherever you can.

4.    ONCE AGAIN, FUNDRAISING – HIGH PRIORITY: Those who have not already done so are asked to forward to their email lists the article “A MOST URGENT APPEAL FOR CONTINENTAL CONGRESS 2009,”  which was posted recently on WTP web site:

5.    WEBSITE NAVIGATION & FUNCTIONALITY RECAP –  Continually updating the and State Pages and CC2009 web pages.




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