Wednesday September 16 Agenda

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  • PSAs should be running on CBS national. Anyone seen them?
  • PR Newswire: ‘Constitutional Divide’ Op. Ed to top 141 newspapers plus select media. Glens Falls Post Star running it on Sunday, Sept 27. Click here for a copy.
  • PR Newswire: ‘Citizens Rising In Defense of the Constitution-#2.’ Sent to major national and state media. Click here for the Release. Click here to see widespread initial on-line coverage. Note: We have no way to determine extent of print coverage. Be on the lookout. Let us know if it shows up in your newspaper.
  • CC 2009 YouTube Channel – being re-built. ‘Constitutional Divide’ video message from Bob waiting to be posted.
  • Daily message from Bob to begin. Topics being considered:
    1. National Appeal; Nominate a Delegate for 2009.
    1. Voting Day CC2009 – October 10, 2009
      Why this election is so exciting for Constitution lovers
    2. Convening CC2009 – Up to The People Now
    3. What it feels like to have petitioned the government for fourteen years with no response
    4. Why the NCEL case is important for America
    5. The Constitution – why I love it and you should too
    6. The Three C’s – Powerhouse for The People
      CoS, C4L, CC2009
    7. Is there going to be a GREAT MERGE or an LA Overpass?
      After Tea Party: what next?  9-12ers Re-founders Appeal.
    8. The difference between a political issue and a constitutional issue
    9. Filing a Petition for Redress: The Five Steps
    10. Shifting the Power back to The People
    11. Let go of your elections for just a minute and look over here at the First Amendment!
    12. What happened in 1774?

  • From CT: CC 2009 Sign led 9-12 march  
  • From PA: 3,000 Slim Jims handed to 9-12 marchers
  • Appeal to Ron Paul and Campaign for Liberty. Click here for a copy of the letter.
  • Appeal to Glenn Beck.
  • Appeal to Tea Party Express and Tea Party Patriots and 9-12ers.
  • Many people, each doing a little bit (small amount).



  • Nominees total: est. 259
  • States with three or less nominees: 17. Let’s lend a hand.


  • ‘Brave and Wealthy’ appeal out this week. Click here for copy.
  • ‘Walk Down Main Street’ program underway: package available. Click here.
  • Illinois fundraising events Oct 1-3 – planning underway.
  • Constitution Day Money Bomb tomorrow! September 17.  Goal: $250,000.


  • Letter inviting NYS State Legislators to be mailed tomorrow. Click here for copy.
  • Draft CC 2009 Schedule of events
  • Room reservations for spouses and others




Use any and all ways to let the people in your state know cc2009 is coming!

Letters to State Legislators – call ahead, download and print; hand deliver to state capital.


  • Delegates Rolling In!  Extended deadline September 23 

Some states are finished with nominations.  Others are still open.  Mandatory deadline is the 23rd.  PLEASE go to your state page at and nominate someone you feel has a passion for America and the Constitution.  We want every state to be proud of their citizen nominated and elected representatives for this National Assembly of The People.  If you know of someone who is worthy to be nominated in another state, please let us know at and we will take action.

  • Vetting assistance: see resource page for inputs from states. SC to decide.
  • Decide best way(s) for your state to get to know delegates
  • Add additional voting centers

The state coordinators and many volunteers are giving their all for this event.   We are looking for polling places – VFW halls, churches, schools, firehouses – in which to hold the delegate elections from 10am-4pm on the 10th.   We need seven volunteers in each place to oversee the process.  Go to your state page and email the state coordinator if you can help in any way!  This is a constitutionally valid election – something to be proud of — no votes counted in secret.

  • Confirmed voting centers: please provide all information a voter will need when reporting to Vicki/Karen including addresses, so we can post.  Click here for list.
  • Practice makes perfect. Schedule a dry run.
  • Honor all efforts:
    If polling places established, no plan B
    Plan B for other areas only 
  • PLAN A States:
    Vickie and Karen will provide pdfs of the individualized Ballot, Tally Form and Election Results Form to every state that will have Voting Centers (Plan A) because they are all on the same nomination and election schedule.  We will send three pdfs electronically to each State Coordinator who will verify they are correct and then will send them to every Voting Center Team Leader in their state who will make the copies he/she will need to run the election on October 10th.
  • PLAN B States:
    All state coordinators who are proceeding with Plan B will produce on their own computer a Ballot for their state’s CC2009 Delegate Election. They will then convert their Ballot to a pdf version for the purpose of posting both it AND the pdf of the Registration Form (available in the Handbook) on their State Page on the CC2009 website.  We are releasing this task to all of these states because they are closing their nominations at different times.

  • To make it easier for the Plan B State Coordinators to replicate these forms as they appear in the Handbook, we will send them Word versions of the Sample Ballot, the Tally Form and the Results Form. The Word version of these three forms will NOT be posted on the CC2009 website.  We will control the release of these forms – especially the Ballot – for the Plan A states’ elections.




  • Walk Down Main Street – use packet and instructions every weekend going forward.


  • E-blast friends, family, associates, lists to participate in Money Bomb 17-19th.



Next Meeting:  Sunday evening, September 20, 2009



From Previous Agenda Wed. 09.09.09


  1. Pheasant Run
  2. Constitutional Divide
  3. Marble Falls – Tea Party Speech
  4. YouTube Channel
  5. CBS National – PSA’s
  6. 9-12
  7. C4L – Valley Forge
  8. Glens Falls Chronicle – Walk Down Main Street
  9. Hometown Newspaper Release
  10. ‘Brave and Wealthy’ Fund-raising Campaign
  11. Money Bomb- Constitution Day
  12. CC2009: Letter to State Legislators
  13. CC2009: Schedule of Events
  14. CC2009: Faculty


Action Items

1.  Nominations – Up to states to continue nominations; get the word out about delegates;

2.  Voting Centers – please send updates to Vickie Karp .

3.  Delegate Election: Plan A Election Handbook & B – Mail In Ballot

4.  Fund-raising – Walk Down Main Street






      1. Letter to Editor – have you sent yours? Send this letter to the editor of your local newspaper;

      2. Place those PSA’svideo and audio; Call your local T.V. station or top radio stations. Ask to speak to the Director of Public Service Announcements (PSA’s). Introduce yourself and say you will be sending an email with a link to a series of 8 thirty-second PSA’s for consideration by the Station. Obtain the person’s contact information.
        NEW: Request Form for PSA Video Format Not Available on the site. (e.g. BetaSP, DVD)

      3. Circulate Freedom 21 speech PDF format or Web Page



We still need volunteers in a number of areas.  Please contact if you are interested.

Question you hope one of us can answer?  Send to 

IT Website Volunteers Needed

Thank you Ryan McCain for volunteering and joining the IT team.

If you have following skill sets or experience and are on this call and have time to assist please email the Ning site Admin email address that you are interested in volunteering to help with IT and web development.

.NET & .aspx programming
Foxpro Database mgmt
Flash work
Joomla CMS
Customizing CSS Video Pages
YouTube Video Pages Broadcasting site


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